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"As a rock performer, I had very specific goals that I would not have achieved with more traditional instruction. Cat Bent has employed a perfect combination of musical theory and modern techniques to help me achieve my goals as a rock vocalist. It's like taking a masterclass with Bruce Dickinson. She's all you need in a vocal coach!"
- Paul Thompson, Darlings of Chelsea, Winner of Canadian Indie Week

"I never thought that I could sing but Cat has proved me wrong! She is a fantastic, down to earth teacher. The lessons are not only fun but very effective. She clearly has been professionally trained and knows a ton of theory, also. I keep telling her she could charge triple what she charges for her lessons but thankfully she has not listened to me!"
- Joel Pollock, NOW Magazine

"Cat Bent is the coolest teacher I've had! Her methods of teaching are modern and build the voice into a machine taking the strain off of your vocal cords and breathing new air into the voice. She talks to her students on a personal level with no BS and easy to understand analogies that help further the process of discovering your true voice instead of imitating your favorite singers. She also understands that there are different types of singers out there who use their voice in different ways and gives special attention to what type of musician you want to be and has set high standards, which is very important for me! I recommend her to anyone who wants to be the best they can be! Thank you Cat I look forward to our next lesson!"
- Nathan Stokes, A Faster Now

"I've been a guitarist for many years; I began recording my album but wasn't confident with my vocal ability... I wasn't an experienced singer and had a lot of bad habits. Fortunately, I found Cat Bent and she helped guide me from being a decent amateur singer to a professional one. Working with Cat has elevated the quality of my singing to where I'm feeling more confident recording vocals in the studio and enjoy singing more, too. Most of the music I play is rock so I needed a teacher that understands and respects that...Cat does... I definitely wouldn't have improved this much without Cat's guidance. Thanks Cat!"
- Kirk Reed, The Reed Effect

“Having experienced five different singing teachers over many years, I can honestly say it has been 'Your Voice Studio' that has most helped me in terms of singing confidence and output. BY FAR. Definitely recommend Cat as a teacher for all singing levels!”
- David “Mister J” Johnston, Professional Magician/Entertainer

"I used to always be the person to sing behind everyone else's voice to hide my own, but as I got older I decided I didn't want to hide anymore. I first came to Catherine insanely timid a few months ago. As we've worked together over the past months I've let go of all those insecurities."
- Lindsay Innes

“Cat is a different kind of teacher. Definitely the kind that is well suited for a student like me. She provides ample criticism so that I can always improve and move forward, but also gives genuine, specific praise that keeps me motivated and confident. There's not a big teacher-student gap with her. It's very Vygotsky - she's just a person in the world who has skills and passes them on to others in society so that those skills can be learned and taught again. I have seen a big improvement in my technique as well as my attitude towards myself as a singer. It doesn't hurt that she's a funny and interesting lady either”
- Vironika Wilde

“Cat is a fantastic voice teacher and a beautiful person too!”
- Josh Edmonds, The Fear

"Since working with Cat my confidence has gone up 10 fold. She pushes her students to their potential with a gentle guiding hand leaving them ready for the stage. My voice is stronger then its ever been thanks to Cat's wide breadth of knowledge about music and singing. I recommend her to both beginners who are starting from scratch and more experienced singers who want to brush up on their technique. Lessons with Cat have been a great experience."
- Chloe P

Watch YOUR VOICE student Chloe perform at the Aspetta Cafe. She had not sung in public previous to taking lessons. Here she is after just a few weeks of training.

"I've never had a music lesson of any kind, and was really nervous to start singing. Catherine was very enthusiastic and encouraging, she convinced me to do things I wouldn't have thought possible- and she gives candy at the end of lessons!"
- Sophie Whoriskey

"Taking lessons with Catherine has been a great experience! I used to be very anxious and unsure before, but now I'm really enjoying singing. Her lessons are full of positive energy, practical skills and fun. She's inspired a lot of confidence in my own voice, and now I'm enjoying singing more than ever!"
- Adam Gunn, Kid Baron

“I've been singing all my life, but have never taken the time to train my voice with proper lessons. Cat has provided me a comfortable and challenging environment where I can finally find where my own voice and sound fit in. I'm excited to see where my lessons will take me, thanks for everything!”
- Vanessa Collins

"Cat is not only a very talented performer herself but as a teacher she has a unique ability to create a positive and encouraging space for her singing lessons. Her playfulness is always an asset in the process of helping me get in touch with the music in my own individual way. I have found that to be the most important aspect to enhancing my singing skills."
- Alaine C

“When I first started working with Cat my voice was really out of shape. I had not taken voice lessons for a long time. Within the first lesson I started to see a difference. Cat's technique is an individual process. She seems to take the person and tailor what they need in order to grow as a musician. For me it was just getting up on stage. Before the lessons with Cat the mere word “perform” would give me anxiety. In the lessons I learnt to become a better performer and have more confidence while performing. This gave me the courage to get up on stage and finally perform. As well she organizes a lot of shows which gives you tons of opportunities to get up on stage which is really awesome. When I finally went on stage I felt like I had my voice back and it gave me such positive results. I'm planned to be in future shows which gives me such great experience in performing in the future. I really would have never taken this step without these lessons. Overall the experience has been extremely positive and great for my confidence. Not to mention her adorable dog Ren. I would recommend anyone looking for lessons to call Cat.”
- Marianne Hughes

“I've only had the one lesson so far, but I highly recommend Cat Bent's teaching style and positive attitude.”
- Kevin Jollimore

“Cat Bent is keenly dedicated to singing and to her students. She is easy to talk to, and maintains a supportive and encouraging atmosphere while providing feedback on both the positives and negatives of each student's vocal achievements. Lessons are well organized, and teaching is geared towards guiding students so they can learn for themselves. All in all I find Cat Bent to be an excellent singing teacher, and would strongly recommend "Your Voice Studio" to anyone and everyone interested in developing one's voice.”
- Kabir Bansal

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