Countless new artists are not getting their exposure on MTV- but online!

As a musician you NEED to get your sound on the internet to book gigs and create a name for yourself!

It is easier than ever to create a professional quality recording at an affordable price!

Recording, even a simple demo, can be an expensive and stressful ordeal! Hourly rates are high and you feel pressured to push your voice and rush your music and then you end up with something you don’t use because you are not 100% satisfied.

Unlike most studios- “Your Voice” does NOT charge you by the hour! Rates start as low as $99 and your recording can span over multiple sessions- we understand how you are not in your best voice every single day!

Please e-mail us with a description of what you’d like to record. You will be sent an initial estimate and an invitation to visit us for a complimentary consultation.

Take a moment and IMAGINE-
You arrive at a friendly home studio, relax with a cup of herbal tea or filtered water before easing into a complimentary vocal warm-up with a professional singing teacher. All the technical headaches are taken care of while you perform your music, with positive encouragement and helpful suggestions. Since there is no rush you can feel free to take breaks and listen to playbacks. Voice getting tired? No problem- call it a day and make another appointment to ensure your sound is at its very best. When you are finished you can leave everything in our competent hands for post-production. Finally, you will be given your finished work in a variety of formats so you don’t have to convert anything when uploading to the web.

THAT is the “Your Voice- Singing and Recording Studio” experience!


“Your Voice” utilizes up-to-date, industry standard equipment and software. This home studio set-up makes it ideal for the highest-quality demos.





Please Contact “Your Voice” and have your voice heard!!

All equipment and software is provided by