“Your Voice” is proud to offer personalized, one-on-one voice lessons for all ages and skill levels!

Sing the music YOU want to sing and have FUN doing it!

Topics May Include:
Proper Breathing and Support, Posture, Vocal Health, Anatomy, Resonance, Microphone Technique, Improv, Stage Fright, Range, Projection, Releasing Tension, Interpretation, Diction, Passaggio, Public Speaking, Speech-level Singing, Scream-Singing and MORE!



Music Theory and Songwriting

Don’t just be a great singer…
become a brilliant musician!

In your totally customized lesson plan, you can easily learn any of the following:

  • How to harmonize a melody- crucial for singing back-up!
  • How to transpose a song- always choosing the best key for YOUR voice type!
  • How to communicate with other musicians- speak the same lingo!
  • How to pick out your melody from chords- you don’t need notes fed to you!
  • How to rock university entrance exams if you are an aspiring music major!

And so much more- based on YOUR goals! Whether you want to identify middle C or ace your Royal Conservatory exams, “Your Voice” has got you covered!

Songwriting- Don’t just perform- CREATE! Bring in your song ideas and together we will flesh them out- creating melody, harmony, accompaniment and song structure. When YOU are happy with your creation we can then RECORD your composition for you to show off!

Get yourself out there!

Singing doesn’t stop after the lesson- you will be given opportunities to get involved in the local music scene!

Watch “Your Voice” student Megan Nash perform at a special Valentines Day gig at The Company House in Halifax. “Your Voice” arranged the show for talented up-and-coming young stars! Megan’s career is now soaring!

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