Mezzo-soprano Cat Bent is active in Toronto as a performer, creator and teacher. She is a vocal coach for the Bach Children’s Chorus and runs the "SING OUT!" program for Suitcase Theatre. A native Nova Scotian, Cat holds a music degree from Dalhousie University.

Past stage roles include La Zelatrice and La Badessa in Puccini's Suor Angelica, The Grand Duchess in Lennox Berkley’s A Dinner Engagement and Mathilde in Sarah Rule’s The Clean House. From 2009-2012 Cat produced and hosted The Freakshow Cabaret. Nowadays, her eclectic vocal group, Vagabond Voices can be heard spreading merriment throughout Toronto.

She published her collection of puns, Buy the Book, last year. Cat also does face painting for special events and parties.

“Strong female leads are required and Cat Bent (as Matilde, the Spanish cleaning lady who would rather be a comedian)...delivers brilliantly!” –Kate Watson, The Coast.

“The only seats available were up front… I decided to sit myself down…what followed included steamy torch songs from Cat Bent, host of the Freakshow Cabaret, along with a parade of faux striptease, solo musicians, stand-up/sit-down comedy, a belly dancer and audience prizes. Surrounded by a full house of friends, family and Freakshow regulars, it was an unexpected treat!”- Eric Thom, Roots Music Canada.

On The Studio’s Mission
“In our 'American Idol' culture where criticism is harsh and helpful advice is sparse, I strive to provide students with the tools to release their own sound and discover their artistry in a supportive and FUN environment. Students may sing whatever style of music that moves them and together we work on building the technical foundation to make singing free and easy. The mission of the studio is to have students discover their own unique voice, not imitate anyone else- that’s why I dubbed it 'YOUR Voice'.”

On Genre
“As a cabaret artist, I am experienced with many styles of singing and this translates nicely to teaching. A student may sing anything from rock to jazz to classical and together we will build a strong foundation to do so. In lessons an emphasis is placed on good breathing, support and healthy lifestyle habits. The body is the instrument and it is important to keep it finely tuned; from this place any type of singing is possible”

On Individual Needs
“To describe a typical lesson is not simple, as lessons are customized for each student’s personal needs and goals. Some students require assistance prepping for tours and studio time, others may wish to sing in choirs and need help reading music and developing an ear for harmony while others may just need a therapeutic release. Every voice is different and each student’s need varies. I provide a complimentary consult prior to the first lesson so we can figure this out together. It is crucial to ensure students feel they are with the right teacher.”

On Performing
“Singing sometimes chooses us, despite our timidness. We feel a voice deep inside, begging for a release. 'Your Voice' is a safe environment to express one’s self vocally whilst developing the technique to make that voice as musically pleasant as possible. When a student is ready, I do my best to lure them into the world of performance. As a producer, I love showcasing new talent in my Freakshow Cabaret, which hosts a very supportive and positive troupe of performers of various experience levels. Local audition notices are also sent out to students as well as information on appropriate masterclasses and workshops. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a student active in the musical community and to see their dreams take flight.”

Get yourself out there!

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